Lighthouse B2B and B2C Web Portals

Lighthouse B2B and B2C Web Portals

Purchase Approval portal: Gain control of purchase transaction by seeing product details, quantity and rates before making purchase decision, or hold it for review.

Sales Approval portal: Allow sales people to send quotes for approval for rate and quantity validation before sending it to customers.

The Distributor Portal: Manage your distributor sales and billing with the same system you use to manage your business. The Lighthouse Distributor portal allows distributors to manage inventory, generate billing and order online as well as modify, track or cancel their order(s).

The Customer Portal: Not only an online ordering, but real-time access to order and return status, delivery shipments, invoicing and up-to-date inventory availability, direct from the manufacturing plant.

The Supplier Portal: Real-time access to your requirements, including PO release information, payment information, receiving, ensures that your suppliers meet your materials and services needs more efficiently.

The Employee Portal: Secure web-based module that empowers employees to view and make updates to their own personal, attendance, leave and salary information, without waiting for the Human Resource department to enter it into the system.

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