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Emerging technologies are helping organizations improve efficiency and adapt to change, and that’s what Lighthouse Info System is doing from last 3 decades.

The basic ERP functionality for multiple industry verticals is the strength of our ERP software. The User friendly interfacing helps the users to convert their hard work in to the smart work.

Apart from our key strength, we are able to convert some ideas in to the reality in past 5 months or so. The add-on which are the incurring demand of the client are making in count and practicality by Lighthouse Info System, the remarkable efforts results in to better service output for our clients. Let us take a short tour of such emerging Lighthouse Products & services.

Not only in enhancement of existing systems and Add-on services, but we also strongly believe in actual communication and interaction with our clients and maintaining the Customer service & support to propel their business.

1.4 Million Tonnes per Annum Coke Manufacturing
                                Group implements Lighthouse ERP

1.4 Million Tonnes per Annum Coke Manufacturing Group implements Lighthouse ERP

A Gujarat based metallurgical coke producer and minerals and energy manufacturing player has selected Lighthouse ERP solution to help strengthen the supply chain management and operations cycle and quickly addressing the compliance processing.

Manufacturing Organizations in Energy & Minerals Industry are executing their digitalization strategy as they seek efficiencies and process controls from the outset of the business.

Inspite of the Covid scenario, companies are investing and benefitting from ERP solutions to ensure commercial and operations process are aligned to support their customer and internal stakeholders.

With more Than 10 New Customers, 20 Extended Solutions and over 300 companies renewing contracts for Lighthouse ERP is a testament to its success in the manufacturing space in FY2020.

Lighthouse ERP goes live at the Second Largest
                                    Steel Products Manufacturer in Chennai

Lighthouse ERP goes live at the Second Largest Steel Products Manufacturer in Chennai

The second largest steel products manufacturer in Chennai has completed its national rollout of Lighthouse ERP solution with the go-live in October 2020.

The Steel and energy giant implemented solutions for Manufacturing, People Engagement and Channel Sales distribution to bring all operations under one scalable, robust and integrated platform to continue its digital transformation and boost growth.

"Working with Lighthouse has allowed us to transition to a modern ERP, HRM and CRM cloud solution which will undoubtedly improve reporting and streamline many of our business processes," stated Mr. Babulal, Sr. GM- IT at the Steel & Energy Group.

The Metals and Construction Industry has faced challenges due to the pandemic scenario . Lighthouse, an Oracle Partner comes with dedicated expertise in handling steel industry specific business issues, will help them leverage best practices throughout the organization.

Since Going Live, the steel manufacturer has benefitted from the extensive and user-driven reporting options, with many analytical options giving deep insights and cross-functional visibility.

Lighthouse & VIA Business Survey says new
                                    workforce scenarios come forward; ‘Work-from-Home’ to stay

Lighthouse & VIA Business Survey says new workforce scenarios come forward; ‘Work-from-Home’ to stay

A survey conducted by Lighthouse Info Systems and VIA of Indian businesses show that management teams expect workforce re-organization needs between remote and on-site workers, creating challenges balancing organizational policy and employee inclination.

Almost 65% of Business respondents said they have taken up reorganization efforts in their workplace setup with work-from-home policy, technology upgrades and social distancing at work being the topmost priorities.

However, about 41% of respondents said that setting up an environment that supports long term remote working for employees will be one of the top three challenges as the Covid scenario sets in.

Upgrading systems and technology was also identified as the major initiative to boost business growth. A majority of the respondents said that technology enablement will be crucial to their business functioning. Technology is seen as an enabler of social distancing- which keeps non-operations staff (Finance, HR & IT) functional and productive from remote locations.

The survey also found that remote working will have high levels of priority; with more than two-third agreeing that it will be a differentiator in finding the right skills and people in the next 12 months.

Attend Our Webinar Series

Attend Our Webinar Series

It is a wholehearted support strategy that focuses on using information about implemented solutions at customer end to highlight product benefits. This customer engagement program nurtures and reinforces strong relationships with our clients.

The underlying theory is fairly basic to keep customers happy, we treat them well, give them what they want, listen to them, reward them with more knowledge and showcase additional products that we can offer while dealing effectively with their expectations.

Global Channel Partner Program

Global Channel Partner Program

Lighthouse Info Systems Private Limited has launched a global channel partner program “SAARTHI” for innovative products and business solutions to grow our partners along with us that opens a new revenue streams for them.

This program would help, accelerate global partnerships and provide new growth opportunities & avenues across the segments and geographies.

Lighthouse Info Systems Private Limited’s experience, presence, products and business solutions have been instrumental in helping clients deal even with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.



The most trending add-on of Lighthouse Info system, is the feature of E-Way (Electronic Way) bill system, a document required to be carried by a person in charge of the conveyance carrying any consignment of goods of value exceeding Rs.50,000.

This has been mandated by the government in terms of Section 68 of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act. E-way bill is a mechanism to ensure that goods being transported comply with the GST Law and is an effective tool to track movement of goods and check tax evasion.



Budget-GL Module Comes under Add-ons as in this in ERP we have a prefect facility where we can define the actual budget and based on this we have multiple data output options available in High level Comparison formats.

Addressing the key feature, “Budget Vs actual Comparisons with its exact variance with Drill-Down functionality availability in Balance Sheet / Profit & Loss Comparison Process.

LHS App Tracker

LHS App Tracker

The LHS App Tracker is a java based application used to monitor or track employees work and time to improve work flow. It helps to automate work, save time, and even improve customer service by enabling team to get faster to clients.

The organization success depends on employee performance; poor performance is detrimental to the company's success. It is necessary for an employer to keep track employees at all times to ensure the quality of service from the employees and maximum output from them.

Geo Tagging

Geo Tagging

In WMA app now we have added a new feature called "Geo Tagging" which is the process of attaching location information in the form of geographical metadata to digital media like web sites, videos, and photographs. Geo-tags may also be applied to digital output and communications such as tweets or status updates on social media.

The trends are documented in VIA’s monthly publications and within nationally issued press releases.

Please revisit us to get updated with our new innovative developments in the favor of organization & humanities.