Ability to succeed in Industrial manufacturing means...

…having complete understanding of your operations and financials so that you can take maximum advantage of the gains provided by automated processes. Manufacturing ERP system improves and streamlines business flow to help you become flexible and adapt to fluctuations in business environment.

Innovative manufacturers outperform others

because they respond faster to market volatility, and create new markets and customers by advancing technology. Lighthouse Manufacturing Solutions help you adopt highly productive practices to make optimum utilization of resources that allow you to reduces time and amount spent in manufacturing by data backed planning and decision making.

Why Lighthouse ERP?

Results you can expect with Lighthouse ERP

Better quality of products produced.

Better fund Management

Improve productivity, reduce lead times and procurement costs

Support growth without adding resources


 Control your bottom line and prepare for change in the future with Lighthouse ERP financial management and accounting system. It covers financials, banking, investments -hedging and commodities, payroll, cost and budget accounting, fixed assets. The flexible multi level accounting structure promotes real-time group visibility or for an independent unit Key capabilities include: General Ledger with multiple charts of accounts, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash flow management, Bank management, General Expenses, Fixed asset management.

Material Management- Procurement and Inventory Management

Seamlessly manage the purchasing process from purchase requests, orders, deliveries, subcontract orders. approval process from order through receipt and invoicing. Lighthouse ERP has multi-location, multi-warehouse, multi-store management with total traceability of inventory quantities and lot and batch numbers. Advanced features for Supplier and product classification, Pricing and discounts, tolerances, inventory balances and reorder level, lead days and stock movement.

Sales & Distribution

Complete access to information concerning products, price lists, discounts, and transporter. Issue customer quotations, book orders, order acknowledgements, manage contracts, view and allocate goods from stock, dispatch and invoicing of goods. Lighthouse ERP provides a 360 degree view of their customer and go from quote to cash effortlessly Advanced features ffor Inventory enquiries and allocations, Brokerage Sales commissions, Multi-level credit control , Pricing and discounts, Customer returns, Invoicing and reminders

Production & Quality Control

Gain real-time visibility into your operations with Lighthouse ERP. Lighthouse ERP supports planning, scheduling, and production control activities in detail for process manufacturing. From production planning (make to order/ make to stock), process scheduling, production performance and costing. Advanced features for Bill of Material, formulas, and recipes, Production cost and plant Performances, Quality control & analysis

Security Gateway & Weighbridge

Weighbridges are vital control points for solids and bulk handling operations. Security gate acts as a control point to oversee vehicles entering and leaving premises. Lighthouse ERP has a versatile solution streamline weighing operations for purchases and sales, putting you in control of your weighbridge activities, locally and across all your locations . Track all inward and outward material movement at Security Gate and Weighbridge. Get multi level Q.C. on basis of these control points.


Lighthouse ERP helps in Tracking goods and stock at different transit points : at Ports, Depots , Warehouse, Storage Yard and Godowns. Detailed workflow for: Freight Contract against sales or purchase order, Freight Advice and Payment against Contract, Cash or Credit based Freight Management

Manufacturing Best Practices

Planning solutions take into account sales forecasts, production orders, Quality Management Solutions involving raw material, in-process and finished goods quality..

Manage excess production or wastage in operations by properly tracking in process inventory.

Improve capacity utilization by aligning production std. times and capacity planning to make sure workers don’t have to wait for machine or materials.

Lean Manufacturing with accurate material requirement planning, based on ideal inventory carrying levels and lead times.

Superior Customer Service

Precise sales delivery order date plan/commitment and faster response to order delivery position.

Change production plans at any stage of production

Execute Rush Orders with ability to shift inventory across orders.

Batch tracking to see linked processes and traceability to help customer queries.

Operations and Shop Floor Visibility

Bar-coded production job cards to fasten production data collection and increase data entry accuracy.

Production plans to capture time elements, worker, equipment and quality details.

Production process to cover stage wise progress, planned vs. actual yields, production overall performance (capacity utilization and breakdowns)

Capture production inputs and output, consumables, labor, utilities for accurate production costing.

Enhanced Material Management

Comprehensive management of material across various stages- raw materials, in-process, finished goods, re-work and scrap.

Manage ideal inventory carrying levels thru min-max and re-order levels.

Reduce non-moving inventory by proper control on stores processes

Quickly locate and utilize materials for improved production times , clear view of inventory level and value

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