Finance & Account


Multi-Entity/ Multi-Division, the Main-Ledger/ Sub-Ledger can be configured Entity wise or Division wise

Provisional Journal Mechanism for as-of Balance Sheet creation

Management Utilities, Dashboards and Executive Reports.

Payment Advise ManagementPayment Advise Management

To set workflow of payables


Classification of Chart of Account, GL Accounts

Account Receivable & Accounts Payable

Ratio Analysis, Cash flow and Fund Flow Management

Audit Management for paperless internal audits


Country specific taxes can be configured and transaction support for VAT can be complied with.

India Specific taxes like Excise, TDS, TCS, Service tax and VAT can be configured.

Banking ProcessesBanking Processes

Receipts and Payments, Automated Bank Statement Reconciliation

Banking Dashboards for control over all kinds of banking transactions

Cheque Management, Electronic Fund transfer

Term Loans Tracking

L.C. Management L.C. Management

L.C. Document Entry, Confirmation, Routing and Discounting lifecycle

Auto allocation of purchase and sales amounts in L.C.

Auto bank vouchers having calculated interest amount and bank charges.

 Bank Guarantee, Commodities & Hedging Bank Guarantee, Commodities & Hedging

Manage B.G. limits given by banks

Commodity Trading and Currency Hedging transactions and dashboards

Production CostingProduction Costing

Vertical specific and customer specific treatment to derive at Production Cost

Fixed Costs and Variable Cost allocation as per industry standards.

Fixed AssetsFixed Assets

Asset Sale Purchase and Movement Tracking in detail

Depreciation calculation FOR Income Tax and Company Law with WDV & SLM methods

Asset Dashboard

Budgeting & Cost ControlBudgeting & Cost Control

Budget Plans, Entry, Approvals, Amendments

Budget Reports and Variance Dashboard

Logistic & Movement

Logistic & Movement Security Gate

Gate In-and-Out Cycle for sale and Purchase flows

Restrict Entry and Exit of vehicles inside the premises by linking ERP Document Reference

Inward and Outward Gate Registers, In Premises- vehicles MIS

Visitors Appointment and Gate Pass

Weighbridge Management Weighbridge Management

Direct data acquisition from Weighing Machine

Weigh Bridge Linking with Gate Entry, Order System

Multi Weighment and Historical Weight of vehicles to reduce weighment time

Freight ManagementFreight Management

Freight Contract linked to Sales and Purchase cycle

Cash Freight Advice and Payment

Control on material quantity, no of trips and client acknowledgement

Yard Movement Yard Movement

Inter Division Transfers

Inter Stock Transfer within Division

Inter Location Transfers

Issue & Receipts

Gatepass Management Gatepass Management

Returnable & Non-Returnable Gate Pass

Receipts against returnable gate passes

Status of Returnable Gate pass

Sales,Marketing & Dispatch

Primary Sales ManagementPrimary Sales Management

Sales Contract- Sales Order- Delivery Order

Sales Contract tracking for pending and executed quantity

Sales Contract multi cancellation, keep on hold or generation with new rate & validity

Sales contract settlement with auto credit or debit notes

Sales contract booking for Customer, consignee or broker

Sales Acknowledgment & Sales Return

Loading Advice- dispatch plan with Item Details, Order Quantity and Balance Quantity

Packing / Loading slip based on Loading Advice


Invoices are made based on weighslips and Delivery Orders

Daily Price List for various item sku for different areas

Commercial invoicing based on multiple bills

Expense Allocation for exact landed value calculation

Consignee and Broker ManagementConsignee and Broker Management

Counter sales and expense records of Consignment agents

Broker Commission structure for Brands, products and period

Auto allocation of brokerage based on sales or purchase transactions

Secondary Sales managementSecondary Sales management

Creating Distributor- Broker-retailer data network

Retailers sales based on applicable scheme

Analysis of retail market penetration and volume sales

Credit control managementCredit control management

Bad debt control, Interest component tracking, Fund liquidity management

Customer Contract limit- define contract limits for customers to check purchase trends

Target ManagementTarget Management

Targets and Achievement tracking of distributors.

Segment and product wise Performance monitoring for different geographies

Scheme ManagementScheme Management

Cash Discounts, Quantity discounts, Gift items and Extras

Auto Scheme allocations and Inventory control on Scheme items

Quantity reconciliation based on sales return .

Competitor AnalysisCompetitor Analysis

Identifying competing products and analyse competitor price and sales

Delivery Route ManagementDelivery Route Management

Route preparation and linking of parties within route

Route wise help on loading of material in vehicle against DO

Insurance ManagementInsurance Management

Insurance policy management and claim generation against shortage/breakage

Automated Accounting flow for claim settlements

Customer ComplaintCustomer Complaint

Customer complaints Capturing against Sales transactions

Complaint Resolution


Raw material based on Bill Of Material Production

Raw material based on Bill Of Material

Consumables like store materials, Utilities (power/water) and Manpower

Finished Goods Production– Increasing the FG/SFG Stock

Production BreakdownsProduction Breakdowns

Parameters for Machine Breakdown detail/ Setting Time/ Power Failure etc.

Downtime Monitoring for Breakdown details like: Breakdown Cause, time duration, Location, Reason

Production Costing Production Costing

Direct Costing based on BOM considering the landed values of material consumed

Consumables values issued to different Plants/work Centers/Machines

Production QualityProduction Quality

Capturing various test results of produced material in a production date/Shift/Batch/Lot

Test certificates of outgoing material

Results analysis for a period for Material and production unit

Facility to capture third party QC against dispatches

In-process/stock Quality- various test results of produced material in a process during production

Quality Management

Inward Quality Inward Quality

Inward QC before unloading of material linked to Material Inward Entry

Inward QC after unloading based on Store GRN

Link multiple inwards for lot based QC

Third party QC against Inward Material

Production QualityProduction Quality

Test results of Finished production for a particular Date/Shift/Batch/Lot

Test certificates of outgoing FG material

Results analysis for a Finished Goods for a period

Outward Quality Outward Quality

Dispatch wise Lab report(test certificate)

Third party QC against dispatches

In-process/stock QualityIn-process/stock Quality

Capturing various tests for produced material across various processes

Identification of accepted and rejected material, rework or rectification material at each stage/process of production

Process Logsheet	Process Logsheet

Capturing various process parameters during different times in the production cycle

Fixed Assets

Asset Management Asset Management

Asset Tracking, Asset Uses and Asset Transfers

User Defined Asset Categories, Multi Level Assets

Book Value, Depreciation, Value of Accumulated Depreciation, Sales and Gain or Value tracking.

Tracking Asset Purchase, Location Tracking, Transfer History and Sales Values

Asset Maintenance & RepairsAsset Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance and Repair History

Capitalization of Major Repairs,

Scheduled and Break down maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance Alerts and Reports

Integration with parts inventory.

Revaluation of Asset, Disposals and Sales Revaluation of Asset, Disposals and Sales

User defined revaluation of Asset and integration with Financial system. Auto booking of gain and loss on sale of Asset

Asset DepreciationAsset Depreciation

User Defined Depreciation Commencement Date

User defined depreciation method and Depreciation Schedules

Monthly auto posting of depreciatoin.

Depreciation Schedules and Reports Depreciation Schedules and Reports

Fixed Asset schedules, MIS reports on Asset usages, Asset transfers

Category wise, Asset wise Maintenance and Repair Cost Report.

Material Management

By improving the entire strategic sourcing process, you can shorten cycle times, improve process control, generate sustainable savings, and create lasting business value.

Sourcing Sourcing

Purchase plan based on Make-to-Stock (Forecast) or Make-to-Order (Sales Order)

Requirement Analyses based on MRP and Bill of Material

Supplier Analyses based on Credit Limit, Price, Quality, Delivery, Service criteria

Lead time and Best Rate: Item Purchase History Analysis

RFQs and Supplier Quotation comparative Analysis

Landed Value Calculation with provision for additional expenses

Purchase Requisition/Order Generation from Purchase Planning


Inventory Control- Comprehensive inventory controls for stock movements within and outside unit/ plant

stock valuation on FIFO/Weighted Average/Std Cost, Stock Aging and Reorder management

Multi level classification of inventory, Inventory handling based on several Attributes

Setting Inventory, Purchase and Sales Account at company/Group/Item level for extensive Inventory Analysis.

Receiving Receiving

User defined procurement flow: Requisition- Enquiry- Quotation- Purchase order Processing-Material Receipt-Supplier invoice

Linking of Gate entry, Weighslips, QC Inspection, Purchase Order, Indents

Payment Advice- Management of Advance payments to suppliers

Multi Level Approvals to PO, Material Return & Rejection/Replacement Management.

LC Management for Purchase

Warehouse ManagementWarehouse Management

Define Warehouse/Rack/ Bin structure

Reconciliation and Stock verification with the help of external devices

Warehouse wise and consolidated stock reports

Physical Stock Verification and Adjustment

Sub Contracting and Services management Sub Contracting and Services management

Work orders- Fixed Value, Service quantity or rate based Contract types

Contractor Issue- Billable or Non Billable

Issue slip and Debit note for stores items issued on Chargeable basis

Service Billing effect in accounting system with references to the work orders


Import Purchase Order and Letter Of Credit (LC) workflow

Entry of Import Shipment data at Loading port

Bill of Entry, Custom Duty Calculations and postings

Material Receipt GRN linked to the Bill of Entry

Cenvat of duties against Bill of Entry

Import Bill Passing along with Overhead Expenses linking

Actual Landed Value Analysis against the Import Purchase Order

Lighthouse HRMS

Over 50% of a human resources department’s time is spent processing employee information and answering questions. Implementing a human resources management system eliminates much of the routine paperwork associated with HR.

Lighthouse HRMS Benefits Lighthouse HRMS Benefits

Integrates payroll, benefits, performance reviews, applicant tracking system, and employee self-service all in one

Integrates payroll, benefits, performance reviews, applicant tracking system, and employee self-service all in one

Fosters stronger, fact-based decisions with better analytics

Ensures compliance and helps avoid risk with government regulations and reporting

Special Features Special Features

Time & Attendance: Track your employees' time, attendance, paid time-off and much more from where you are.

Payroll Improve data accuracy and ensure your payroll processing is always completed on time by automating all your HR activities.

Appraisals and Progression From Workforce Planning to Retaining Talent

Employee Self Service Increase your organization's productivity by encouraging your employees to collaborate and share knowledge, and get self information, all in one location.

The Scope in our HRD Module comprise of following:

Recruitment Management Recruitment Management

Requisition for manpower and approval

Capturing of Key data in Proepect Resumes

Call letter

Recruitment process - multiples boards and levels

Offer Letter

Appointment letter

Time Office ManagementTime Office Management

Data acquisition from Attendance Card Reader / Bio Metric System

Manual feeding of attendance or Import from Excel facility

Overtime management

Shift Planning and Rooster

Revised Shift Planning considering the leaves and tour details

Payroll Management Payroll Management

Muster Roll- Attendance breakup in fourteen parts

Salary Generation for Month Wise / Non Month wise

Performance Incentives and Allowance Management

Reimbursement & Claims

Income Tax calculation and Management

Leave, Loan and  Arrears ManagementLeave, Loan and Arrears Management

Leave Application, Approvals with Leave Encashment

Arrears auto calculation during salary process.

Overtime arrears handling.

Loan application, Approval with deduction details

Loan auto-updation in salary.

Auto linked with Finance and Accounts.

HR  Statutory Reports HR Statutory Reports

P.F. / ESIC/ EFPS Reports.

Bank ex-gratia Reports

Several Salary Summaries

LWF (Labour Welfare Fund) Report

Income Tax calculation and Management

PMS (Performance Management System)PMS (Performance Management System)

Defining KRAs by HODs and approval

Self Assessment by staff

Approval of Staff Self Assessment by HODs and Management

Rating Calculation

Increment Calculation

Department-Grade wise Summary reports on Performance ratings

Training Management Training Management

Training Plan entry by HR department

Month-wise Training Calendar report

Training done Detail

Training History & Summary report

Employee Self Service PortalEmployee Self Service Portal

Leave requisition

Loan requisition

Short leave (less than half day) requisition

Requisition to rectify mis-matches/errors in raw data from attendance recorder.

View documents and HR policies

View/download Payslips

Organizational News, Events, Birthdays etc.

Plant Maintenance

Lighthouse ERP Plant Maintenance modules provide the tools necessary to plan, schedule and track a complete maintenance, repair and overhaul program for machines, tools, dies, auxiliary equipment, gages, buildings and more.

Extensive functionalityExtensive functionality

Eliminate scheduling problems associated with "out for repair" equipment

Avoid costly repairs resulting from over-used or misused equipment

Eliminate disruptions to the production schedule due to last minute and emergency repairs

Improve equipment reliability and longevity

Improve visibility of all costs associated with work center MRO downtime

Improve accuracy of maintenance cost tracking and reporting

Maintenance Management and CommunicationMaintenance Management and Communication

Electronic Alerts and Notifications: Email or text alerts for both planned maintenance and unplanned repairs based on actual usage. Notificationand Department clearance before maintenance.

Equipment tree and Maintenance documentation- drawings, charts, and manuals

Automatic Labor & Work Order Scheduling- maintenance calendar and schedule

Spares Inventory: Spares Planning, Requisition, Issue and Consumption, Used part/Scrap Management

Maintenance Audit Trail and Compliance Reporting-Exhaustive reporting for maintenance, drill down to basic transaction from summary view

Easy data entry: drop down Entries, action linking to planning and history

 Plant, Equipment Classification& Details: Plant, Equipment Classification& Details:

Location wise, Equipment Category or Type wise classification

Equipment Assembly Codification: linking of various individual machines in an assembly

Exhaustive equipment codification, Technical specification, Installation Details, current Location & Status, Warranty & AMC Details

Equipment Maintenance Planning Equipment Maintenance Planning

Equipment –Spare (Store Items) details required in maintenance planning

Equipment -Tools & Tackles required for maintenance

Equipment –Operations manual (Dos & Don’ts )

Equipment –Jobs (Defining Schedule of Preventive tasks for a particular Equipment)

Maintenance Work doneMaintenance Work done

Single window system for capturing work done against preventive maintenance, defect log, work requisitions, breakdown and shutdowns.

Capturing of details of Jobs done, Spares consumed, Manpower consumed,Time spent, cost incurred, etc.

Inside the plant – by the internal plant maintenance department

From Outside – by the external vendor or AMC service provider contractor

Structured Maintenance logs- capturing Symptoms, Cause, Fault/Failure and Remark etc. This information helps in effective analysis of failures and acts as decision support.

Preventive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance

Inspection Job

Maintenance Job

Frequency of Jobs (Shift / Day / Week / Fortnightly / Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly / Annually )

Jobs planned for during Shutdown / Breakdown.

Equipment-Job wise report for planned and pending work.

Job- Equipment wise report for planned and pending work.

Department-Job wise report for planned and pending work.

Engineer-Equipment / Job wise report for planned and pending work.

Predictive MaintenancePredictive Maintenance

Defect Log – Equipment wise cause of defect, defect details, symptom, fault type, reported engineer etc.

Work Requisitions – Any unplanned / planned inspection findings and/or based on observations found from past failure trends.

Shift Log - Periodic (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) inspection outcome on predefined checks on the visible attributes of various equipments and flashing the deviation from normal thus anticipated breakdown.

Breakdown History Breakdown History

Cost of spares used

Cost of Production loss

Analysis of breakdowns

Information for improving life span of equipment

Details of maintenance done during breakdown.

Department wise breakdown details.

Shutdown HistoryShutdown History

Plant wise shutdown details.

Analysis of shutdown.

Details of maintenance done during shutdown

Equipment History Equipment History

Equipment definition details, Period wise location,

Breakdown history, Defect logs , Work requisitions, Jobs done, Spares & Services consumed

Equipment AMC/Warranty: Equipment AMC/Warranty:

Maintenance Contract for one or more equipment

Maintenance Contract for all or specific jobs.

Feature of comprehensive & non Comprehensive Maintenance contract

Provision for capturing the Jobs done and spares consumed against Maintenance contract.

Cost of maintenance

Project Management

The Lighthouse ERP Project Management Application simplifies the complex web of tasks and challenges associated with project administration and tracking capital equipment projects, site project execution and billing. Lighthouse PMAN offers comprehensive support for all stages of a project—from initiation, planning and quoting, to project exception and completion.The Project Management solution is embedded in the Lighthouse V15 ERP with links to Financials, Budgeting, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales Billing and Time & Attendance; integrating all areas of a project together in a concise way.

Track any Type of Project Track any Type of Project

User defined tasks and project templates allow for detail project tracking for any type of project (EPC, Civil or any Services)

Commercial cycle Commercial cycle

linking from quote creation through Work order completion and billing.

Project HistoryProject History

Project archives allow for a complete historical record of the project to be maintained.

Consume InventoryConsume Inventory

Embedded links with the EnterpriseIQ Inventory Software module can be assigned to projects and consumed from inventory as the project progresses.

Assign Labour & ResourcesAssign Labour & Resources

Links with the Time and Attendance and Subcontracting module allow you to assigning and reporting labor & contractor services to each task, ensuring all manpower and services is accounted for.

Multi-Level TaskingMulti-Level Tasking

Supports multi-level task assignments with financial effect for detail tracking.

Project Cost ActivityProject Cost Activity 

Quickly analyze costs and profitability of any activity and other equipment with up-to-date financial activity against a project including standard vs. actual costs, projected and actual profit margin, AP/AR, and labor usage with drill down capability for details.


Concise reporting lists all project tasks, their statuses and costs on a single screen.

Project cloningProject cloning

Project cloning of existing projects saves time and reduces errors when setting up like projects.

Import/Export Management

Complying with complex country-specific trade regulations, calculation of variable duties, taxes and fees, and managing related logistics challenges

Imports ManagementImports Management

Purchase Order with Port (Division) identification

LC Management for Import

Vessel Ids Info (Cost Center Definition)

GRN at the time of Loading Point (To see the stock in transit at Port)

Acceptance Approval of GRN after receiving

If there is any change in unloading port then amendment in PO and GRN

Quality Results at Loading Port / Unloading Port

Import Expenses Allocation

Vessel wise Landed Cost

Export Sales

Export Sales Orders, Delivery Schedules/Orders

Export Documentation - Invoice, packing list

Export Sales expenses allocation to each sale invoice

Foreign Exchange related feature

In foreign currency side - Capturing the exchange rate from exchange rate master and allow to change in each order, sales and Cash Bank Journal vouchers to facilitate capturing of within day fluctuations.

Foreign exchange gain or loss for contract vs sales and sales vs realization.

Sales Quality Claim Managements

Sales Debit Note / Credit Notes

L.C Management

Tracking documentation and financial information efficiently and accurately of LCs are the vital business processes.

Letter Of Credit Mgmt For Sales

LC document entry having all details and linking facility of LC with Sales Order / Purchase Order

Auto allocation of sales / Purchase amounts in LC for listing of pending or allocated Amount of LC

Creation of LC document from invoices for given period

Auto bank vouchers having calculated interest amount and bank charges

Auto Reversal of bank vouchers by JVs at the time of clearing the LC

Letter Of Credit Mgmt For Purchase

Purchase Document confirmation for LC

Payment Confirmation against discounting document

Forex fluctuation capturing

Single or Multiple accounting entries against single discounting document

Multiple Buyers Credit linked with single discounting document

SMS & Email Facility

REAL-TIME VISIBILITY WITH NOTIFICATIONS, ALERTS AND INSTANT MESSAGING The Quickest, Easiest Way to Stay Up to Date Reports and alerts are automatically send to concerned people as soon as an exception is encountered in the process.


Auto SMS can be sent to the customer / broker at the time of Dispatch & invoice, PO preparation with the text including invoice no, truck no, item, total weight, amount etc.


Auto email can be sent with orders or invoices

Standard Templates to send email with transaction information like outstanding amount, invoice no., weight etc.

Email scheduler to routinely send specific reports in mail to specific recipients

Document Management

keeps your office paperless Easy Tracing, managing and storing documents.

Document Management

Classification of Documents by usage

Storage in Oracle Database and/or File Server

Centralized View on all the documents

Controlled access on stored documents

Review feature on stored documents

Pushing or Pulling of documents from ERP transactions like Drawings / Excels / PDF to PO / LOA / Bills etc

Searching of document based on multiple filter

Document Dashboard

Task Management

The process for managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing, tracking and reporting.

Task Management

Entry of Tasks

Task Assigned to Personnel

Task to be Supervised by Personnel

Task completion status

Budgeting & Cost Control

Budgeting & Cost Control

Create cost centers across your organization

Plan cost budgets for each financial period, across the cost centers

Compare budgets for different periods

Perform variance analysis based on budgeted vs. actual figures

Undertake profitability analysis of different projects and departments

Calculate the actual cost of production for a particular work order, and analyze the variance against a set of standard parameters