Civil Engineering & Road Construction

There are detailed planning and execution required for Civil Engineering & Construction Industry specializing in building Roads, Bridges, Dams and Water distribution networks.

The On-Site inventories and expenses for specific projects need to be controlled effectively. Easily manages multi-location, multi-company and inter-company accounting and reconciliation.

Project Management Solution helps in day-to-day monitoring of expenses and work done against the targets or budgets for each project.

Lighthouse ERP for Civil Engineering & Road Construction companies is designed to handle total needs in most effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP has evolved since 1987 and is constantly upgraded according to the market needs. Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust solution for the Transmission & Civil Industry. Lighthouse' technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.

Why Lighthouse ERP?

Results you can expect with Lighthouse ERP

Better quality of products produced.

Better fund Management

Improve productivity, reduce lead times and procurement costs

Support growth without adding resources

Key Features in Civil Engineering & Road Construction Industry

Tender Management with Scope Break up  i.e. Supply, Erection, Civil Work , Freight and Insurance, Type Test Etc., its timeline controls with  Participants Analysis for future reference.

LOA with L2 networks mapped in Project WBS Management system.

 BOQs  and Planning for Materials, Services and Resource  requirement integrated with Purchase and Sub-Contracting management system.

Material procurement against Supplies or Erection, controlled with Inspection Calls, Dispatch Instructions (DI)  for multiple sites and  in-transit material tracking

Site Inventory Management with tracking of delivery shortage, Material issues linked to sub-contractor’s work order and erection plan, Client Free Stock management

Site Management including Fund requisitions, Resources allocations , Site Expenses,  Site Events related to time or quality losses,  work Execution reporting  with JMC details,  Material Reconciliation

MIS for Billable Supplies, Bill Generations with various supporting,  Tracking of Bills to Payment release cycle with  capturing of various deductions and reconciliations. Price Variation (PV) Bill generation with indices based PV formulae

Highly feature rich and integrated Finance & Accounts system automating Tax management with focus on Project wise Budgets and Profit & Loss.

Various modules to manage several Business critical support functions like Bank Guarantee, Insurance Policy Management, Task Assignments and Actions and highly integrated  Document Management.

 Jobwork management: Sub-contractor performance and passing their bills for a project.

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