Telecom Towers, Poles & Railway Electrification

Telecom’s self-supporting towers, monopoles consist of steel structures constructed using pipe, tube, solid, or angle members.

Lighthouse ERP maps the step by step manufacturing processes of telecommunication towers. Material Planning, Production Planning, Fabrication (through CNC machines) and Galvanization processes, quality and inspection, logistics and supply till final erection of towers on sites.

Production Planning and Control processes in Tower Manufacturing are a challenge right from Raw Material procurement to Dispatch stage. Light house ERP achieved a breakthrough in the modules enabling the optimization of R.M. (angles) usage for meeting production planning requirement of a group of work orders spanning multiple types of tower structures.

Lighthouse ERP for Telecom Tower companies has helped them in minimizing raw material scarp generation thus leading to direct savings by the use of ERP. Lighthouse ERP for Railway Electrification companies in OHE and TSS segment is designed to handle complete needs in most effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP has evolved since 1987 and is constantly upgraded according to the market needs. Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust solution for the Transmission Industry. Lighthouse' technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success:/p>

Why Lighthouse ERP?

Results you can expect with Lighthouse ERP

Better quality of products produced.

Better fund Management

Improve productivity, reduce lead times and procurement costs

Support growth without adding resources

Key Features in ERP for Telecom Tower Industry

Sales Contract and Delivery Orders

Excel import/creation of Bill of Material (BOM)

Work Order generation against Proto, Mass, Extra, Shortage.

R.M. Procurement & Production Planning for a batch of multiple work orders

Batch wise Angle procurement length Optimization

Auto bundling plan

Process wise Fabrication and contractor bill passing

Galvanizing in house or sub contract.

Ready for Inspection: Provision for Third Party Quality Inspection

Packing Slip based on dispatch instruction

GST and Commercial invoice

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