Pipes & Tubes Industry

The Quality Assurance system for manufacturing of ERW, Spiral and seamless Pipes is a challenging process right from the start of procuring the Raw Material till the dispatch. All pipes are throughly inspected to find defect in the weld, body, diameter, forming defects etc.

Light house ERP achieved a breakthrough in the modules enabling the optimization of R.M. (coils) usage for meeting out the production planning requirement.

Lighthouse ERP for Pipes & Tubes Industry is designed to handle complete needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP has evolved since 1987 and is constantly upgraded according to the market needs. Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust solution for the Plastics Industry. Lighthouse' technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.

Why Lighthouse ERP?

Results you can expect with Lighthouse ERP

Accelerate customer enquiries responses with accurate product costing and delivery timelines.

Gain real time control over operations, deeper insights into your production costs.

Manage customer care, warranty, and service orders as part of your core processes and improve traceability

Ensure that products meet or exceed the high standards of your customers, and adapt to compliance requirements.

Key Features for Pipes & Tubes Industry

Stock Management: Managing the inventory and movement of over 50 – 60 varieties of pipes and 250 – 300 kinds of fittings.

Pipe identification: Pipe Forming/Pipe mill with unique pipe number generation

Production Planning:Detailed production control covering , Recording of Heat No & Coil No , Slitting Production Planning , Internal coil No. generation , Releasing of slits according to PO

Process wise WIP and Production: Production tracking throughout various processes like Ultrasound, Coating, Radiography etc. Quality Inspection at every process.

Status of inventory for Depot Movement – under inspection and Clear to Dispatch. Movement between manufacturing unit and finished good yard/ depots.

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