ERP Software Fabrication

ERP for Fabrication & Engineering Industry

Project Fabrication & Engineering Industry is characterized with large multi- component assemblies with customer specific material specifications.

Fabrication and engineering is large industry. Operations in fabrication and engineering industry are to assemble various mechanical parts. These operations require lot of precision and accuracy for assembly process. This is why to monitor and control the operations closely, ERP software is required. ERP software manages and control all the operations so that the workflow is smooth and industry functions with ease.

Lighthouse ERP for Fabrication Industry enables Production Planning and monitoring of various stage wise processes which is a vital requirement of this business vertical. Quality Control and Inspection by third party or customer for ensuring conformance to design specifications. Mostly, the work is executed by contractors outside or inside the plant, monitoring their progress and passing their bills is a tedious task.

Benefits of ERP for Fabrication & Engineering

Operational cost reduction in industry as there are less delays and errors in operations.

All the records and information about various products is stored centrally so that it can be accesses at any instance.

Inventory Management module keeps track of every part so that it can manage the supply.

Finance and accounts are easily managed as every transaction is recorded and kept in the directory.

Fabrication ERP software enables the industry to schedule production and plan the production accordingly.

Project manufacturing ERP software facilitates automation and Business Intelligence so that insights can be gained and proper strategic decisions is taken.

Key Features in Engineering and Metal Fabrication ERP

Capturing all Details of Products, its Attributes, Production Process Group, Similar Product, Individual Items if Product is a Set and Drawing

Production Planning and PEB ( pre Engineering Building)

Work Order/ Job Order rescheduling

Planning and Capturing Machine/ Operator wise Process production data with rejection.

Process/ Stage wise status of Customer Order which are under production.

Incentive Calculation based on predefined rate/ points against production for Operators.

Production Requirement based on past Sales Data & Pending Orders

Definition of Cycle Time for processes and machines

Production in a process for multiple job cards clubbed together.

Order and Process wise WIP Stock report with status Flag indicating (Under Process/ Completed)

Project based Work Done and Balance Status.

Project Costing

Process wise inspection & QC (Rejected, Rectified, accepted Quantity)

Sales Analysis, Define target customer wise product wise

Min & Max and Re-order Level Maintenance of Finished Goods stock and linking this with Production planning.

Why Lighthouse ERP?