Exim and International Trade

Managing timely deliveries is a vital requirement in Exim and International Trade, for establishing the credibility of the business and to reduce penalties and demurrage charges at ports. Material handling and logistics are a vital component of this operation in this business vertical.

Lighthouse ERP effectively enables management of fund flows via Letter of Credits/ Bank Guarantees and Compliance of Government Regulations related to Exim and International Trade business, International Health and Security Regulations.

Lighthouse ERP for Exim and International Trade Industry is designed to handle complete needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Lighthouse ERP has continuously evolved since 1987 and Lighthouse is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust solution for the Trading Industry. Lighthouse' technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind its success.

Key Processes in Exim and International Trade

Letter of Credit (LC) management

Forex/ Exchange Management

Managing Delivery schedule of consignments.

Tracking of DEPB / DFRC / DEEC / DRBK and other advance license details against export invoices, duty drawbacks claim against exports Invoices

Standard formats for variousexports documents:Contract, D.O., , Container Packing list, Invoice, Shipping bill, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Commercial Packing List, Bank Realization Certificate, Bills of Exchange.

Standard formats for variousimport documents:ď‚·Import Shipment Info, Bill of Entry, Custom Duty Calculations, Material Receipt, Import Bill Passing, Overhead Expenses linking.

Linking of Sales and Purchases to derive Profit and Losson each consignment with Allocation export expenses

Landed Costs:Allocate agency fees, shipping expenses, customs fees, duties by harmonization codes, taxes, insurance, and other hidden fees by product, unit, volume, supplier, or location

Complianceof various taxation procedures, statutory requirements and regulations

Quality controlof material in consignments

Logistics and freightmanagement: Material stocks and handling at ports and transit points

Packing and dispatches of material

Commission and Brokerage

Results you can expect with Lighthouse ERP

Better quality of products produced.

Better recoveries from iron ore (through process control)

Improve productivity, reduce lead times and procurement costs

Support growth without adding resources

Fully integrated with following ERP Modules