Lighthouse ERP for Mining Industry manages all mining processes including Drilling, Blasting, Excavation, Haulage, Crushing, Screening, Equipment maintenance and stores management, and compliances of Government regulations related to mining and material movement.

Lighthouse ERP is designed to provide complete visibility across all mines, stocks, within-mine- movement, yard handling, logistics schedules. Mining organizations also typically need powerful asset management and project management functionality on a going basis. Regulatory pressure to run operations in a specific region or country also means mining companies must be able to manage multiple companies within one ERP as projects. Asset management, due to the asset-intensive nature of the industry is crucial.

Key Features for Mining Industry

Control of stack book and G Form book

Statutory returns to different govt. dept.

Quality checks

Weighbridge automation

Sales contract, delivery order, and dispatch

Request & allocation of rail rakes

Grade & size wise stock at yards and transit points

Freight contracts and management

Export documentation

Effective Operations

Excavation Planning: Drilling and Blasting details including explosives used.

Data of Excavations from different pits.

Haulage Control by Vehicle wise slip no. system

Process Capturing at Crushing, Screening & Grading

Perform daily planning and solve problems on the move

Maintain production and quality standards through Blending and lot control

Store Management at multiple locations, lot and serial tracking, min-max or MRP and reorder level, landed value calculations.

Asset Management

Manage the entire asset lifecycle from capital planning and budgeting, procurement and operations, to maintenance and repair

Equipment & Vehicle Assets wise running costs: fuel and consumables

Equipment maintenance schedule & mgmt

Preventive, predictive, Shutdown and breakdown maintenance, equipment location and rotation, contractor maintenance activities.

Efficient Supply Chain:

Logistics (Sea, Rail or Road) and their Freight Management

Haulage:tracking and stock of grade wise material at different transit points & storage yards.

All inward and outward movement is tracked at Security Gate, Weighbridge, Quality lab and store/ yard locations

Plant movement: various scenarios including Inward, Outward, Stores Related, Purchase or Sales Return, Rake Inward, Inter-Yard Transfers, Waste or Scrap movement etc.

Complete Financial Control:

Manage Division wise, Project (Mine) wise & consolidated finance books Costing/ efficiency, Ledgers & Profitability. Inter division Sales & Purchase on a real-time basis

Budgeting for exploration, sites operations and allocation and utilization

Multi Currency management and multi- company (project accounting)

Configure Books of accounts according to your specific requirements along with Compliance documents

Expenditure analysis for subcontractors, production etc.

Accounts approval and bill passing for Purchase, Services (jobwork/ contractors) or Freight scenarios

Various Stock MIS with 10 level drill down

Group->Entity->Division->Plant->Dept->Cost Center->Equipment->Item Group->Item->Issue Slip

Uninterrupted Sales & Dispatch:

Enquiry & Quotation followed by three level order cycle Sales Contract, Sales Order and Delivery Orders.

Delivery orders can be made on the basis of the advance received and with the details of the actual product to be dispatched (with Grade wise, Size wise product details)

Sales Invoicing generated instantly, by linking to Weighslips and Delivery Orders

Flexible pricing methods cash discounts, quantity discounts, fixed period sales contracts, credit control etc.

Results you can expect with Lighthouse ERP

Better quality of products produced.

Better recoveries from iron ore (through process control)

Improve productivity, reduce lead times and procurement costs

Support growth without adding resources

Fully integrated with following ERP Modules